About loveletter

"There is not a letter in the world
which doesn't deserve to be delivered."

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We are developing technology to help protect your loveletter, your confessions, unforgettable memories and whatever can be expressed in text, any important documents you may have, or any text you wanna make immutable using the power of blockchain. We're also giving you a platform to express your love and other emotions in a unique way - scribbled forever on the BlockChain!

The LoveLetter DAPP

The LoveLetter DAPP is where all the magic happens.
Presently you can use the MVP on rinkeby test network.


Using our dapp you can write documents that will be immutable - no one can change them or delete them, they will last as long as the BlockChain is alive.


You can protect your documents with a password. Using AES encryption, we securely store your documents on the powerful Ethereum BlockChain. You can use the DAPP to securely store any existing important documents as well 😉


We understand very well how precious is your love, your feelings and emotions, your wills or your confessions, feel free to scribe it all on the Ethereum BlockChain to make it everlasting and immutable.

Oh, did we tell you about the surprise you can give to your loved ones? You can write a letter for them, save it on the BlockChain using our dapp, and send it to them! There has never been such a special technology before to be used for expressing your precious feelings and emotions and surprising your loved ones in a unique way - scribbled on the BlockChain!

Support the Development

We are in the starting phase of making it happen.
Your support can help us in more ways than you might think.
Please consider donating to the project if you can.